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What We do

Crafting Wellness Journeys with the Threads of Tradition and Innovation

At Wellness By Saran Inc., we integrate cultural heritage and holistic wellness to uplift Black youth, women, and menstruators.

Our tailored programmes are designed to inspire, educate, and transform.


Our offerings are crafted to meet you at the intersection of cultural identity and wellness, providing bespoke solutions that resonate with your unique journey.


What Our ClientsSay

When we think of diversity, our minds quickly jump to ideas of different social and ethnic backgrounds, different genders, or any number of identifiers that can be used to differentiate groups and people from one another. This often results in people feeling more isolated and excluded. Saran’s amazing ability to capture her student’s vast range of interests and have them pursue their passions in a safe environment, allows her students to truly establish a firm foundation in their own identities. Saran provides culturally relevant pedagogy so that her students can begin to see themselves in all areas of the curriculum, which leads to a sense of ownership, and a stronger sense of connection to the material being presented. These experiences better prepare her students to navigate the future that awaits them. Her nurturing demeanor, strong historical knowledge base, inspiring mentorship and motivational approach to learning, allows all of her students to unpack the true power of diversity. She teaches her students to recognize and celebrate their differences while learning to respect and value their diversity, irrespective of their background.

Chad Garel Secondary School Principal, YCDSB

Let me begin by saying Saran is an exceptional facilitator and orator. She has a wonderful stage presence both in person and online with the ability to make her audience feel warm and welcome. Every presentation has an exceptional balance of theory, activities and time allotted for the audience to ask questions. The material presented is very well-written and researched. The materials presented are relevant and age-appropriate for students and adults. I especially like that the material gives food for thought, allows you to think outside the box and has a call to action. I must say as an observer over the past two years I have learned a lot about my roots, and culture and incorporated a lot of Saran’s teaching into my life.

Fatima Gould General Manager, York Region Alliance of African Canadian Communities

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